NHS pay criticism is over-exaggerated, says commentator Roy Lilley

NHS wages: 'You have to ask if these people are worth the pay for their responsibilities', says commentator Roy Lilley

More than 600 chiefs in the NHS have been revealed to have six-figure salaries

Monday, March 6, 2017

A health commentator has suggested criticism of the wages earned by top NHS professionals is over-exaggerated.

Roy Lilley spoke to talkRADIO about a story published by The Daily Telegraph which claimed more than 600 NHS quango chiefs earn six-figure salaries, despite the health service enduring one of the worst financial crises in its history.


Lilley, a former NHS Trust chairman, said there is some context to the figures as a lot of those cited in the report are medics, and some officials, like Simon Stevens, have huge responsibilities and cannot be called fat cats.

He added: The front line [of the NHS] have had a pay freeze since 2010. There are very tight pay scales, they’re more than public."

However Lilley did say "you have to ask whether these people are worth it given their responsibilities they have."