'NHS saviour' fears violent reprisals after being called in by GHCQ

22-year-old IT expert working with GCHQ to fend off cyberattack

Marcus Hutchins helped to stop the ransomware by accidentally triggering a kill switch (Credit: Twitter @MyFreedomNews)

Monday, May 15, 2017

The young man credited with stopping last week's ransomwear attack admits he fears for his safety after being draffed in by GCHQ to help stop future hacks.

Marcus Hutchins supposedly accidentally triggered a kill switch which helped to halt the infection of the 'Wannacry' ransomware which ripped through the health service on Friday.

The IT researcher, who is just 22 years old, has now reportedly been signed up by the National Cyber Security Centre to impart his knowledge and help the security and intelligence agencies learn the lessons of last week's attack.

But Hutchins - described as a keen surfer who works out of his parents' home on the English seaside - says he fears future reprisals from those he has thwarted.

He told the Mail Online that "someone might want to retaliate" in future and "could find my identity within seconds."

He continued: “If they know where I live, they could really do anything.

“A security blogger had people send heroin to his house and try to frame him after his identity was leaked and he even had death threats.

“I've seen posts about the terrible things people have done to him and for me in future it could be the same things.”

Although the NHS continues to deal with the aftermath of the attack, patients are advised to attend A&E and appointments as normal.