NHS worker 'sorry' for shouting ‘Nazi scum’ at Trump supporter

NHS worker apologises for shouting ‘Nazi scum’ at Trump supporter

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A woman has apologised for shouting “Nazi scum” at a Donald Trump supporter on Tuesday.

Siobhan Prigent, who works at University College Hospital, said she was “very sorry” for her behaviour.

Video showed Ms Prigent and other anti-Trump protesters shouting at a man wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap outside the Houses of Parliament.

The unknown man also had a milkshake thrown at him. 

The Trump supporter being escorted by police after having a milkshake thrown at him. 

Ms Prigent was seen holding a placard on which was written: “This episode of Black Mirror isn’t funny anymore! #NoThanksNazis”.

In a now-deleted tweet she said: “I am very sorry for my behaviour today. I should have protested peacefully & I didn't, & I regret that.

“I've let myself down & I do understand that fully. There are two sides to every story, but my actions were my own, & that's on me. Please leave my family & friends out of it.”

Watch: The Trump supporter was also seen arguing with protesters earlier on Tuesday

The Trump supporter claimed he was kicked and demonstrators also attempted to remove his cap.

Speaking after the confrontation, he said: “This is the democratically elected president of the free world. I just wanted a debate with the sensible left, I didn't expect any of what happened.

“I never wanted it to get violent, but I wasn't going to be intimidated.”

Earlier in the day, he had told other anti-Trump protesters he was there to support the US President because "he is fighting globalism".

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