NI Budget crisis: 'The Government thinks it is untouchable because Jeremy Corbyn is so inept'

NI hike: 'The Government are becoming complacent because they're far ahead in the polls', says political editor

Theresa May has said the NI hike will not go through Parliament until the autumn

Friday, March 10, 2017

The crisis over National Insurance shows how much Jeremy Corbyn's incompetence is hurting the people of Britain, according to a leading political editor.

Adam Bienkov told Julia Hartley-Brewer that the Tories now think they can get away with breaking election promises because they are so far ahead in the polls.

Phiip Hammond's National Insurance hike has prompted criticism from Tory and Labour MPs alike, as it contradicts the Conservatives' 2015 election tax-freeze pledge. Theresa May has appeared to distance herself from the criticism and promised the proposed increase will not be put to a vote until autumn.

Bienkov, of Business Insider, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that he wouldn't be surprised if the plan is dropped "all together." Philip Hammond's spokespeople, he added, "had no answers as to why this wasn’t a broken promise."

According to Bienkov, the Budget debacle illustrates "a wider problem - that because Labour are in such bad shape and Conservatives are so far ahead in the polls" complacency is setting in.

He also added that this "probably isn’t as big an issue for the public as you might believe" from the papers, and it may be because "a lot of journalists are self-employed."

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