Nicky Morgan: 'I could vote against Theresa May if we don't get good Brexit deal'

Nicky Morgan MP on the Tory election campaign, Brexit, and women in Parliament

The new chair of the Treasury Select Committee spoke to Katie Perrior in a wide reaching interview

Friday, September 1, 2017

Tory MP Nicky Morgan has said she'd be prepared to vote against her party on Brexit in a far-reaching interview with Katie Perrior.

The MP for Loughborough also criticised the Tories' "woeful" campaign in this years' general election, described Jacob Rees-Mogg as a potential Prime Minister and spoke candidly about women in politics in an extensive interview with our host, who previously held a senior role in Downing Street as Theresa May's communications director.

Morgan served as minister for women and equalities as well as education secretary under David Cameron, and has recently been elected chair of the Treasury Select Committee, the first-ever female MP to hold the role. 

On Brexit, she said "there’s more sign of pragmatism in the Government’s papers. I’m not expecting to vote against [them].

"But I suppose, at the end of the day, you have to think what’s in the national interest. I guess you can never rule these things out.

"I’ll be pushing for a sensible Brexit which does not undermine my constituents' interest."

On the last election she was far more forthright, saying “I think we all sensed something wasn’t right. Experienced politicians knew something was amiss, but we didn’t realise how amiss until the evening of June 8."

Despite that electoral disaster Theresa May remains in power, and is one of a growing number of women holding senior positions in politics.

However Morgan suggested more must be done on this front, telling Katie: "I always say to women, I’d prefer you to stand for the Conservative Party, but I'd rather you just stood.

"Women make great MPs. If we’re going to look like the country we aspire to represent, we need to have a more diverse parliament, gender, ethnicity, and different backgrounds.

"I don’t want things like social media abuse to put people off."

Going forward, Morgan believes the Tories need more focus on core issues and need to deliver on non-Brexit promises as well as their negotiations with the EU.

Much has been made of the party's long-term leadership, with some suggesting May will step aside before 2022, when the next general election is scheduled to take place.

Morgan said that the next leader is likely to be unknown. On Rees-Mogg, Morgan said she had known the Old Etonian for many years and he was "very charming - a gentleman, intelligent."

When asked whether Rees-Mogg could handle the top job, Morgan said "definitely" and he would "swallow the briefs before breakfast." 

Nicky Morgan has written a book called Taught Not Caught: Educating for 21st Century Character, which will be available from September 11. 

Listen to the full interview above.