Nicky Morgan: 'May has confirmed her inflexibility'

Nicky Morgan

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Conservative MP Nicky Morgan has called on Theresa May to resign if her deal is rejected for a third time.

The Prime Minister blamed MPs last night for the Brexit delay and warned them to support her vote when it comes before the Commons again.

Speaking to talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer, Ms Morgan said was “extremely disappointed” by Mrs May’s statement.



The former Cabinet member said: “What the Prime Minister showed last night was she confirmed her inflexibility to deal with a situation that needs to be thought of with flexibility, nimbleness and compromise.

“The question is going to be what is the UK government going to do with this extension period.

“Are we going to keep going around the houses again or are we going to get a new leader in place with a new strategy to get this through and who can then negotiate phase two?”

European Council president Donald Tusk said yesterday that EU leaders are likely to grant an extension only on the condition of the withdrawal agreement passing the House of Commons next week.

The deal has been rejected by large majorities twice before, and Ms Morgan said she did not believe it was likely to pass a third time.

“She still intends to plow on but I’m still not sure if the numbers are there in Parliament, if anything people are hardening against not wanting to vote for the deal,” she added.