Nicky Morgan MP: The country is ‘horror-struck’ at Parliament’s handling of Brexit

Nicky Morgan MP

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Conservative MP Nicky Morgan has said that people are "horror-struck" at Parliament over its handling of Brexit, as Theresa May suffered a major defeat on her Brexit deal on Tuesday night. 

There was a majority of 230 votes against the Prime Minister's deal, with Mrs May facing a no-confidence vote on Wednesday. 

The MP for Loughborough told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright: “We need to be flexible to build a consensus around Brexit.



“The country is watching horror-struck at what is going on here.

“We have got to step up to the plate.”

Ms Morgan added that she was sure Theresa May would win the no-confidence vote against her.

“The Prime Minister will win tonight’s no confidence motion and then we will hopefully get on with resolving Brexit.”


'A bit tripe' 

When asked about the Conservative party surviving after Brexit, Ms Morgan said the party could come through “if it wants to”.

“We can if we want to. It sounds a bit tripe but if people deliberately decide they do want to stay in the same party and we have more that we agree on then we can get through this issue.



“If the leadership pulls people together and say that we have to compromise, we can.

“I can’t say that is guaranteed and for me as a party member for 30 years that would be a huge shame.”