Nicola Sturgeon 'to abandon EU bid after poll shows Scots more eurosceptic than ever'

Nicola Sturgeon to abandon EU bid after poll showing record Scottish Euroscepticism emerges, say reports

The Scottish First Minister has reportedly been forced to backtrack on her bid to keep Scotland in the EU

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nicola Sturgeon is reportedly ready to drop her attempts to keep Scotland in the European Union after independence, despite Brexit being the central pillar of her push for a new referendum.

The Telegraph claims this volte face is due to a new poll which shows record levels of Euroscepticism in Scotland.

The Scottish First Minister sent waves around the UK political scene after announcing her plans for a new independence referendum shortly before the bill to trigger Brexit was ratified. 

Mrs. Sturgeon said she would lobby Holyrood to hold a new vote in the autumn of 2018 or the spring of 2019, in order to allow an independent Scotland to join the EU.

But now the Telegraph, which has regularly criticised the Scottish First Minister and her bid for independence, is reporting the First Minister would instead try to join the European Free Trade Argeement (EFTA) - apparently as a result of the poll

Members of EFTA - like Switzerland and Norway - have access to the European single market so long as they comply with the freedoms Brussels has set for it - free movement of people, goods, etc. 

They are not full members of the European Union. 

Scottish members of the Conservative Party have claimed the SNP's plans have unravelled in 24 hours, after Mrs. Sturgeon divided opinion by setting Scottish Independence at the top of the agenda on Monday.

The Scottish National Party have been contacted for comment.