Nicola Sturgeon backs SNP colleague Roseanna Cunningham over Westminster terror attack comments

Nicola Sturgeon backs environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham over Westminster attack comments

Nicola Sturgeon has backed Roseanna Cunningham

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nicola Sturgeon has backed her SNP colleague Roseanna Cunningham after the lawmaker's actions in the Scottish Parliament during the Westminster terror attack were heavily criticised.

Conservative MSPs claimed Cunningham said it was “an absolute disgrace" to suspend the debate on Scottish independence at Holyrood in light of the Westminster attack, as it was “giving into terrorists.”

Some Tory sources have also stated that Cunningham, a minister in the Scottish government, said, “this is because you didn’t want to talk about independence."

But Ms Sturgeon insists “she never expressed any such view", adding "Roseanna’s first thoughts are with all of those affected, and while she did initially take the view, shared by some from other parties, that business should not be suspended in the face of terrorism, she fully supports the decision, given the seriousness of events.”

Today (March 23) one of Sturgeon's advisors attempted to hide Cunningham from the press at Holyrood, by taking her out of the building at the back, according to The Herald.

Despite this the media were still able to talk to her, and she said six times that she would not apologise, telling ministers “you have the comment” in reference to a statement given by the SNP.