Nicola Sturgeon: Scots pay heavy price for Tory Brexit 'obsession'

The SNP launched its manifesto in Glasgow

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Nicola Sturgeon said her country will pay a price for the Conservatives’ “obsession” with Brexit and Labour’s “woeful lack of leadership” at the SNP’s manifesto launch in Glasgow.

“Jeremy Corbyn, incredibly, says that he is neutral on the issue of Leave or Remain,” she said. “That means he is neutral on job losses, cuts to living standards and the erosion of our rights.”

“Scotland will pay a heavy price for the Tories' Brexit obsession and Labour's neutrality, or to give it its proper description, Labour's woeful lack of leadership.”

She urged voters to consider who should decide Scotland’s future – “the people of Scotland, or Boris Johnson?”

Ms Sturgeon also had strong words for the Liberal Democrats, despite striking an election pact with the party earlier in the month.

“Unlike the Liberal Democrats, the SNP will never, ever help the Tories into government, but we will be prepared to talk to other parties about forming a progressive alliance,” she said.

She said any party that wants her support must “set out how they will repair the damage of a decade of austerity” and accused all parties of delivering “constant chaos” since the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

“The leaders of the No campaign, made up of the Westminster parties, promised that if we voted No, we would get stability,” she said.

“Since then, the Westminster parties have delivered not stability, but constant chaos and three UK general elections.”

The manifesto features the slogan “Stronger for Scotland” and has pledged to keep Scotland in the European Union by supporting a second Brexit referendum, hold a Scottish independence referendum in 2020 and scrap the Trident nuclear deterrent.

The party has also vowed to protect the NHS from privatisation, combat a high rate of Scottish drug deaths, and push the UK government on green targets.

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