Nicola Sturgeon: Theresa May talks were ‘soul destroying’

Nicola Sturgeon clashed with Theresa May as PM

Monday, August 5, 2019

Nicola Sturgeon has said her conversations with Theresa May during her time as Prime Minister were “pretty soul destroying”.

The Scottish First Minister said Ms May would “never depart from a script” even during light-hearted comments on her choice of footwear.

"I remember in one meeting, going in and trying to think about how can we get this meeting off on a sort-of gentler start before we immediately got into the areas where we disagreed,” she said.

"So I started the meeting off by saying, 'before we get onto Brexit, fantastic shoes', and in that instant I could see in her eyes, that she didn't have an answer in the script before her for this.”

She added: "It became, what should have been a light-hearted moment, really quite awkward.”

Ms Sturgeon said talking to her successor Boris Johnson is a “different experience”.

“At least it was like having a conversation, albeit a bit of a crazy one,” she said.

“You could debate and share views and disagree on things, more than agree, so I'll say that for him. It's a different experience.”

Mr Johnson visited Scotland during his first full week as Prime Minister, and faced boos during his arrival to meet Ms Sturgeon in Edinburgh.

She said she was not “overly thrilled” to be welcoming Mr Johnson to her residence as he is “intent on taking us out of Europe against our will”.

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