Nicola Sturgeon's referendum demand is simply an attempt to avoid SNP mutiny, claims Labour MSP

'Nicola Sturgeon is trying to stay on the side of her team members', by suggesting a second referendum, says Scottish Labour Party politician

Nicola Sturgeon (Getty)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Independence would lead to catastrophe for the people of Scotland, according to a member of the Scottish Labour Party.

MSP Neil Findlay also told George Galloway that Nicola Sturgeon's demand for a new referendum is simply an attempt to avoid mutiny within her party.

Ms Sturgeon has claimed there may be a case for another EU referendum after the final Brexit deal, despite the Prime Minister already ruling out a second referendum. The First Minister has now also claimed another Scottish independence referendum is more likely than ever to happen in the next four years

Findlay said: "I think the economic consequences could be catastrophic for Scotland [to stay within the EU]. Not only would they have to join the euro, they would have to implement blinding austerity to do that. The deficit would be one of the highest in Europe."

Turning to Ms Sturgeon's tactics, Findlay said: "I was far from shocked [about the demand for a new referendum]. Nicola Sturgeon’s got to keep on side her team members, many of them are vying for another referendum.

"She will consult on a bill and nothing more, I think this is about keeping the troops happy.

"The SNP want to leave the UK because they see it as remote and undemocratic, and they want to join the EU which is the epitomy of remote and undemocratic, and is a smaller market than the UK market."

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