Nicola Thorpe high heels row: James Whale blasts barrister who took part in inquiry

James Whale argues with barrister over workplace dress codes

The report follows an online petition after a woman was sent home for not wearing high heels last year

Thursday, January 26, 2017

James Whale had some strong words for a barrister who gave evidence to the House of Commons dress code inquiry.

Harini Iyenger spoke to talkRADIO after the Women and Equalities Committee published a report which suggested that equality laws over dress codes weren't being enforced. 

The inquiry follows an online petition from a woman called Nicola Thorpe, who was sent home by her employer for not wearing high heels. It made a number of recommendations after hearing evidence from barristers and testimony from women at work. 

James had little time for Iyenger's comments, saying: "If you don’t like my dress code, don’t work on my show."  

However Iyenger defended the report by saying dress codes target "vulnerable" people.

She said: “If you read the report, most people can’t say no. That’s why there’s a problem.

"Most people being made to comply with onerous dress codes unrelated to the work tasks are vulnerable. That’s been highlighted in this report."

Listen above.