Nigel Evans MP: ‘Leave’s last victory was June 23 2016’

Friday, April 5, 2019

Tory Brexiteer Nigel Evans has said the attempts to delay or reverse Brexit have made him “nervous for our democracy”.

Speaking to talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton, Mr Evans said the Leave campaign had suffered defeat after defeat from Remainers since the referendum result.

“Every time there is a delay to us leaving the EU it is another victory for remain, the last time the leave people had any victories was June 23 2016, ever since then it has been victories for remainers,” Mr Evans said.

"We've got a remain-led PM, a predominantly remain cabinet, three-quarters of MPs voted remain and they are doing their level best to delay or dilute Brexit.

"For me as a democrat I feel actually quite nervous because I fear for the fragility of our democracy."

Mr Evans said leading politicians such as Tony Blair, Sir John Major and Peter Mandelson had only promised that the referendum result would be respected because they expected the remain campaign to win. 

He added: "The major difference between what politicians said then and what they say now is that the people voted and they never expected in a million years the British people would defy the elites and vote to leave the EU.

"They said all those things because they thought people would vote to remain, they thought they were safe in saying that but now of course all of them one after the other from Sir John Major to Tony Blair have reneged on what they said and it’s a disgrace."

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