Nigel Evans MP: Remain MPs think leave voters are ‘thick’

Nigel Evans

Nigel Evans MP said remain-backing MPs would try to "fool" votes with "Brexit in name only".

Monday, April 1, 2019

Conservative MP Nigel Evans has warned that Remain-backing MPs will try to fool leave voters by delivering “Brexit in name only”.

MPs will vote on the second round of indicative votes this evening, with Ken Clarke’s customs union amendment expected to gain the most support.

Theresa May could then bring her deal to the Commons as early as tomorrow, and possibly offer MPs the chance to vote between her deal or the Brexit indicated by today’s votes.

 “Clearly Parliament, which is packed full of remainers who think anybody that voted leave is a bit thick, are taking it to the next logical step that the 'thick people' won’t notice that it is ‘Brexit in name only’, but of course they will,” Mr Evans said.

“The people are not stupid, they will see ‘Brexit in name only’ for what it is and they will know they have not been given the independence they voted for.”

The Brexit-backing MP said his hopes now lay with French President Emmanuel Macron, who had reportedly considered vetoing the extension granted last month by the European Council.

He added: “Just as De Gaulle stopped us from entering the European project twice, we now have to rely on another French president to be equally strong and say ‘We don’t want any rubbish, you’re out on April 12.’

“Forget the 39 billion to the EU, we should just give it to President Macron as long as he promises to get us out.”


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