Nigel Farage condoms on sale at UKIP party conference

Nigel Farage condoms

Friday, September 21, 2018

Nigel Farage-themed condoms are being sold at the UKIP conference, complete with the slogan "For when you have a hard Brexit".

The contraceptives are being sold at £1 each or four for £2 from the UKIP Young Independence shop.

The prophylactics have attracted a number of bemused delegates.


'What a time to be alive'


One delegate wrote: "They are giving out Nigel Farage condoms at the UKIP conference. What a time to be alive..."

Another Twitter user said: "I can think of few things that would soften my Brexit faster."

It isn't the first time UKIP have produced their own brand of condoms.

At UKIP's 2015 spring conference, condoms were on sale emblazoned with "Don't waste an election".