Nigel Farage: Donald Trump ‘wants Brexit to happen’

Donald Trump and his wife Melania met the Queen on their three day visit to London

Monday, June 3, 2019

Nigel Farage said Donald Trump has “every reason to get involved” in Brexit, during his three day state visit to Britain.

The Brexit Party leader said it is “clear that this president wants Brexit to happen.”

“It is also clear that much of the American administration have watched the British government’s failure to deliver Brexit with something approaching despair.”

In a weekend interview Mr Trump backed Boris Johnson for Prime Minister, and said the UK should be prepared for a no deal Brexit.

He also backed the Brexit Party MEP to be sent in to the negotiations.

Mr Farage said he’s not the first US president to intervene in Brexit.

“Obama flew to London during our referendum telling us to vote to stay in the European Union so I think in many ways Trump has every reason to get involved in this.”

“And of course Brexit isn’t just a British issue. It’s actually about the future of the entire western world.”

He added: “Are we going to be part of these big conglomerates like the European Union where bureaucrats take big decisions that affect our lives, or are we going to be independent nation states, albeit trading together and cooperating together.”

Labour frontbencher Dawn Butler has questioned whether Britain can afford to host the “divisive” US president during a time of local upheaval.

“Can we really afford to have him come here with these divisive views, his racist views his bigotry. Can we actually afford to have him here fuelling already what we’re fighting in the UK.”

She told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright the Prime Minister must stand strong as a “critical friend” to the United States.

“I’m hoping that Theresa May when she meets Donald Trump will put forward our British values.”

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