Nigel Farage: EU elections first step in political revolution

Nigel Farage: EU elections ‘first step in political revolution'

Friday, April 12, 2019

The leader of the newly launched Brexit party told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “The government and parliament are wilfully disrespecting the vote of the referendum.

“The time has come to fight back. So I am officially launching the Brexit party today and we now see May 23 to be the first step to attempting a political revolution. The two-party system does not work anymore.”

It comes as EU leaders granted the UK an extension to the Brexit process until October 31 despite Theresa May's request for a short extension to June 30.

The Independent MEP for south east England described Theresa May as “not just incompetent but also duplicitous”.

He said the Brexit Party was prepared to fight the European elections and the next general election.

“What I have noticed in the past, when I led UKIP and it was on the up, is that the more frightened MPs are the more likely they are to do what the people want," he said.

“Have a look at the men and women I am putting in front of the British public, they are high achievers in the world of business.

“They are people who could do a much better job of the Brexit negotiations than our prime minister.

“Then have a look at Tommy Robinson and his entourage. There will be some listening to this saying he is a white working-class hero but there are others that will say he has been to prison multiple times and possibly facing another.”

He added that the UKIP pro-Brexit rally in Westminster on March 29 “descended into yobbery”.

The Metropolitan Police said five people were arrested following the pro-Brexit protests outside the Houses of Parliament.

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