Nigel Farage: I was offered a peerage but I’m not for sale

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Nigel Farage has told talkRADIO that he turned down an offer of a Lordship by the Conservatives, saying “I’m not for sale”.

It comes after the Brexit Party leader stood down 317 election candidates in Conservative-held seats, leading to speculation that the move was in exchange for a peerage.

But Mr Farage told Julia Hartley-Brewer that the U-turn decision to pull back on contesting the seats “put country before party” after Boris Johnson repeatedly rejected his offer of a so-called Leave alliance.

He said he was “not interested” in a place in the House of Lords.

“The first time I was offered something was a safe Conservative seat in 2005, since then there have been about 12 attempts, I think, to get me to accept jobs, titles, ranks – all as a means of buying me off."

Asked whether he had been offered a peerage this time around, Mr Farage responded "yes, absolutely".

“I’m sorry to say to them I’m not for sale,” he said.

Instead, the Brexiteer said the only thing he wanted was to take Britain out of the EU – a task he said has taken almost three decades – adding, “I’m never going to give up”.

Mr Farage also hit back at calls to stand down even more candidates, this time in Labour marginal seats, to help boost a Conservative majority, saying: “I don’t work for the Conservative Party”.

He said that the Brexit Party needs seats in the House of Commons to hold the Prime Minister to account.

Mr Farage told talkRADIO: “If [the Conservatives] are left with Brexit on their own, they will blow it once again.”

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