Nigel Farage: I would do a ‘deal with the Devil’ to deliver Brexit

Monday, June 24, 2019

Nigel Farage has said he would “do a deal with the Devil” in order to deliver a "proper clean" Brexit.

The Brexit Party leader made the revelation on the breakfast show, telling talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer that he was "shocked" Parliament had failed to deliver Brexit three years on from the EU referendum.

“I did think that the losing side would ultimately have to accept that it was a democratic result,” he said

“In general elections and all throughout history the loser concedes that the other side has won and we get on with life because that’s how democracy works.”

He added: “I mean what kind of country are we if the greatest political exercise in our history is being ignored by Parliament?”

The Brexit Party leader said “at some point” there will be a general election that will offer a “chance to sort this all out”.

And he has called on leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson to deliver Brexit or call an election.

“Brave Boris would perhaps go to Brussels once, conclude there was nothing to be discussed over there, would come back, would face down the House of Commons and prepare to fight an election on leaving on no deal,” he said.

“If Boris does that he would come through this as an all-time national hero.”

Mr Farage has weighed into the issue of police being called to the home of Boris Johnson’s girlfriend on Friday morning.

He said the neighbour’s decision to record the argument was “absolutely disgusting”.

However Mr Johnson’s reticence to answer questions on the topic has “made it worse”.

“All he had to say was, look there was an argument, who hasn’t had one of those,” he said.

“If he had I think this would be over by now.”

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