Nigel Farage: I've no desire to move to America

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nigel Farage has told Sam Delaney he has no intention of moving to America - but was coy when asked about his long-term future.

Our presenter interviewed Farage for his Russia Today show Sam Delaney's News Thing, and broadcast the interview on his talkRADIO show this evening.

Farage, whose friendship with US President-elect Donald Trump is well-documented, told Sam that, despite his high-level US connections, he has no intention of moving to America permanently.

"I'm a tourist," Farage said. "I pop over [to America] every now and then to see a friend of mine."

Farage insisted he had not pitched for the British ambassador's job, claiming "it was Trump who pitched for me", although he said he'd like to play some sort of role in US-UK relations.

When pressed by Sam on his future plans, Farage said: "I'm sticking with Britain. I'm going to be here for weeks and weeks to come."

Sam went on to give Farage a rather unusual job interview for a diplomatic role, which he passed with flying colours - although his responses suggest a certain lack of care for the people of Swindon.

Video of the interview can be seen below: