Nigel Farage: John Bercow is 'least neutral umpire' in history of Parliament

Nigel Farage

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Nigel Farage has branded John Bercow the "least neutral umpire" in the history of Parliament.

The former UKIP leader made the comments on the James Whale show, appearing on air shortly after the Commons Speaker accepted an amendment forcing the government to come up with a new Brexit deal in three days if the one put forward by the Prime Minister next week is voted down.

Farage said he thought the move to accept the amendment, tabled by Dominic Grieve, was "overtly political".



"We have a Speaker in that chair who is the least neutral umpire we've probably seen in the history of our Parliament, going back 800 years," Farage told James Whale.

"This guy is not neutral, he degrades the state of Speaker of the House of Commons. He acted in an overtly political way. I think the guy is an absolute disgrace."

He continued: "Even in the English civil war the Speaker managed to stay neutral, even though they knew they might cut his head off at any moment.

"This guy stands up and tells us what he thinks about Trump and Brexit, of course."


On Anna Soubry

WATCH: Nigel Farage gives his thoughts on politicians receiving verbal abuse

Host Whale asked the politician what he thought about a recent incident involving Conservative MP Anna Soubry, who was followed by a group of male protesters on the streets of Westminster who accused her of being a "Nazi".

"That is nothing like what I had to put up with every day for years, and did you see one of those people ever springing to my defence? Far from it," Farage said.



"Shouting out at Soubry, so bl**dy what - but when they physically menaced her and crowded her out on the street, that was going too far."

He added that politicians should expect to put up with verbal abuse, claiming it "goes with the territory".

"If you put your head over the parapet to be a public figure, take a bit of stick. It goes with the territory. I've had years of it."