Nigel Farage only met Donald Trump to fuel his own ego, says professor

Nigel Farage's main interest is "his own ego", says professor after UKIP leader meets with president-elect Donald Trump

Nigel Farage

Monday, November 14, 2016

A leading professor has claimed that Nigel Farage is not thinking of Britain's interests by becoming friendly with Donald Trump. 

Over the weekend Mr Farage became the first British politician to meet with the new president-elect. Pictures circulated in the media showed them posing for the cameras in front of the golden doors within Trump Tower in New York City. 

Professor Scott Lucas, of the University of Birmingham, told Paul Ross: "Nigel Farage's main interest is not Britain, it is his own ego. The Government has no interest in him being a liason and pursuing what he thinks is best with the United States. 

"Matters are far too serious in terms of trade, investment links, a decent approach to immigration and refugees to let a loose operator like Nigel Farage go off and hold a little bit of limelight."

Listen to the audio above, or click here to hear the controversial interview Mr Farage gave to talkRADIO last week in which he called Barack Obama a "loathsome creature."