Nigel Farage: Police won’t stop me reporting on migrant boats

Video: Nigel Farage // Twitter

Friday, May 8, 2020

Nigel Farage has said he will continue to report on migrant boats arriving in the UK, despite being accused of breaking coronavirus lockdown rules to do so.

The Brexit Party leader has filmed several videos at British ports and beaches, in which he urged the UK government to “wake up” to illegal boat crossings.

In the latest clip he said police officers had attempted put a stop to his reporting because it was not classed as essential travel under social distancing restrictions.

But Mr Farage said he will not stop, adding that the Covid-19 pandemic made the issue even more important.

“Everyone’s turning a blind eye to it. I’ve been called all of the names under the sun for even daring to talk about it but look, it’s even more important now given that we know coronavirus is present in the camps across the Channel,” the former MEP said.

At least 609 migrants on boats have been intercepted and brought to UK shores since lockdown began on March 23.

The Home Office has said coronavirus has had no impact on its ability to deal with small boat crossings.

However, Mr Farage said the UK’s approach to receiving migrants was “a bit of a joke”.

He added: “It’s about time some of the great and the good woke up to this, woke up to the fact that by supporting this, or even turning a blind eye to it all we’re doing is supporting very nasty criminal gangs.”

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