Nigel Farage: ‘Today is a day of betrayal, a day of shame’

Friday, March 29, 2019

Nigel Farage has called the day the UK was due to leave the European Union a “day of betrayal, a day of shame”.

The Brexit Party leader told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer that Brexit will still happen, but there were still “more battles to fight first”.

“I have to say that the day exactly two years ago when 498 MPs voted for Article 50, I must confess I thought then we’d done it, I thought we’d won,” Mr Farage said.

“This has become a day of betrayal, a day of shame and I think one of the saddest chapters in the long history of our nation, it is an outrage that the democratic will of the people has been thwarted by our political class and I’m very, very angry about it.”

MPs are due to vote on one part of Theresa May’s deal today, although it is uncertain whether the motion will pass.

Mr Farage said he would contest the European Parliament elections if a longer Brexit extension meant the UK would have to take part.

He added that Britain needed a “revolution” so that Parliament “reflects the will of the people.”

Mr Farage said: “I think that our parliament, our political classes, our government, our two-party system have shown themselves to be incapable of delivering the will of the people. I think British politics need a revolution.

"I can’t promise that I will deliver it but I can promise that if I’m leading the Brexit Party on May 23 this year I will endeavour to begin a political revolution, a break-up of the two party system and try and get ultimately a House of Commons that reflects the will of the people of this country.”

Mr Farage will address Leave supporters at a rally in Parliament Square later today, with his former party UKIP also expected to hold a rally in Whitehall.

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