'Nigel Farage is on the way back and sharpening his teeth to fight for Brexit', says Ukip's David Coburn

'Nigel Farage is on the way back and sharpening his teeth with a file', says Ukip's David Coburn

David Coburn says the Government has no idea about negotiating

Monday, December 18, 2017

Nigel Farage is preparing to come back to fight for Brexit and is "sharpening his teeth" ahead of his big comeback, Ukip MEP David Coburn has hinted in an interview with George Galloway.

Coburn, the leader of Ukip Scotland, told Galloway that Farage stepped down from the Ukip leadership after last year's EU referendum as "he has been at this for a long time, his health has been suffering. He’s very tired."

However, Coburn added, "But I think he’s coming out of that now, I think he’s sharpening his teeth with a file."

Farage, who stepped down as Ukip leader after last year's EU referendum, has been consistently critical of the Brexit negotiations, suggesting Theresa May is selling Britain short.

Galloway said he thinks Farage "quit frontline politics far too quickly, far too early. Ukip went into freefall and the rest of us in the Brexit army, demob happy, went home thinking the job was done. Some of the responsibility lies with us, doesn’t it".

He also criticised the Government's Brexit negotiating team, claiming "the Prime Minister and the Chancellor are against Brexit" and "you wouldn't buy a used car from Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. If Liam Fox was knocking door to door you’d lock up your loved ones."

Our host even suggested that "Brexit may well now, for the time being, be dead" as the Commons vote gives "a rock-solid reason for the EU to be as beastly as possible and to make the final deal as bad as possible for us, all the better to ensure that the House Of Commons will reject it when it comes home."

Coburn concurred with Galloway's criticism of the Brexit negotiators, saying "no businessman would have been able to make a worse deal than these people [in Government] did, they have no idea about negotiating."

When Leave won the referendum, Coburn suggested, Remainers in Government "got overturned in a way they didn’t expect, and now they’re regrouped. They're using money from their deep pockets in order to overturn things."

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