Nigel Farage will 'never say never' to knighthood or peerage

Monday, January 6, 2020

Nigel Farage has refused to rule out accepting a knighthood or peerage, despite his belief that the House of Lords "needs to go".

The Brexit Party leader has been vocal about his opposition to accepting a title, but said ruling it out completely was "very, very stupid".

He told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer: "After the [2016] referendum there was some friendly talk about the fact I really ought to be going to the House of Lords and would I be up for it, and I said absolutely not.

"I would have been out of the game. I wouldn't have been able to launch the Brexit Party."

He continued: "Anyone that ever says never is very, very stupid, but I have no interest in doing that. I think the House of Lords needs to go. In the 21st Century let's have an elected upper chamber. That would be a lot more democratic."

Ahead of the 2019 election campaign, there was speculation that Mr Farage was offered a peerage in return for standing down Brexit Party candidates in Conservative-held seats.

However, he insisted he was "not for sale" and rejected a title, claiming there had been "about 12 attempts" to offer him a place in the Lords since 2005.

Mr Farage added: "We have a system of patronage and peerages whereby friends get rewarded and enemies get bought off and chucked in the House of Lords, which has no place in 21st Century Britain."

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