Nigel Farage won't go to America and won't accept a peerage, says political reporter

Nigel Farage won't 'go to America and won't accept a peerage', says political reporter

Nigel Farage

Monday, November 28, 2016

Nigel Farage has said he will not be going to America and won't accept a peerage.

This is according to political correspondent Michael Crick, who claimed on Twitter that Farage had given him the news himself.

There have recently been a spate of rumours that Farage will be an ambassador to the United States under Donald Trump, who was elected America's new president earlier this month.

Farage expressed enthusiasm for the idea in an interview with James Whale in the wake of Trump's election victory, while calling Barack Obama a "loathsome creature."

Trump has since made a public call for Farage to be given an ambassadorial role, forcing Downing Street to deny they were offering him such a position.

Farage has been leading UKIP on an interim basis following the resignation of Diane James, who quit in October after just 18 days in charge. However he will now be able to give up the role following the election of Paul Nuttall as the party's new leader.