Nigel Farage would 'boycott' second referendum if the options were Theresa May's deal or Remain

Nigel Farage would 'boycott' second referendum if the options were Theresa May's deal or Remain

Nigel Farage in front of a Leave Means Leave billboard. Image: Getty

Monday, December 3, 2018

Nigel Farage has said that if there was to be a second Brexit referendum, Theresa May’s deal should not be one of the options.

“If parliament was to completely frustrate Brexit in its entirety, then I think you’d see a massive split in politics and the emergence of a brand new political party,” he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

“Where we are at the moment, we either leave on WTO [World Trade Organisation] terms, or we delay Article 50 and we’re perhaps forced down the route of a second referendum.”

If there was a second vote, Mr Farage said that voters would be “much angrier” this time around.

He added that Leave Means Leave, the cross-party group he joined in summer, was preparing for “every eventuality”, including a second referendum.


'Voters would be angrier'

“Obviously the question matters, but if we do head to a second referendum - which would be an outrage - but I think it would be a rerun of the first question,” he said.

“I can't believe they’d put to us Mrs May’s deal or Remain, because if that was the case, I’d have to boycott it.

“There wouldn’t be any acceptable form of Leave for me to vote for.

“But if it is almost a rerun of the first question, can it be won? I think so. People have had enough of being threatened and bullied.”

He added: “This time, they’d [voters] be much angrier than last time. It’s a matter of trust. We were told by everybody that however we voted would be respected and enacted, and they’ve ignored our wishes.

“A second referendum would be as much about how we view our politicians as well as how we feel about membership of the European Union.”

Mr Farage said he didn’t think Theresa May would get her deal through parliament. “I suspect what’s going to happen here is that she ultimately will put this to the House of Commons, and say ‘vote for this deal or it’s a second referendum’, that’s how low she’s prepared to sink.

“Then the Eurosceptics in the DUP, and the handful in Labour, will face the biggest dilemma of their political careers.”