Nigel Farage’s comments branded as ‘pub chat’ by former SNP MP

Nigel Farage’s comments branded as ‘pub chat’ by former SNP MP

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Nigel Farage described the Prime Minister’s proposed EU Withdrawal Agreement as trying to “opt back into” the European Union, adding that it was a “betrayal” - but Mr Farage's comments where called "pub chat" by former SNP MP John Nicolson. 

Theresa May defended her proposed agreement on Thursday during a press conferences where she described it as "the right one for our country". 

Mr Farage told talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes: “Angela Merkel’s comments this week were really interesting.

“She said that Mrs May wants to stay part of Europe. Absolutely.

“We tried to opt back in to big parts of the EU and we finished off with a mess.

“We have finished off with something that is a complete betrayal, not just of the Brexit vote, but of how 85% of people voted in the last General Election.

“This is actually very easy, we say to Brussels that if you want a free trade deal, we are grown-ups and we will do that with you.  

“If you don’t, we will leave on WTO rules. It is quite simple because nothing other than those two options satisfy the demand for independence, which is what we voted for.”


'Don't have many cards' 

Mr Farage’s comments were dismissed as “pub chat” by former SNP MP John Nicolson.

“This is pub chat. It all sounds very good with your mates down at the Billericay Dog and Duck.

“’It is all really simple this stuff!’ but when it all falls apart when you are not talking to your Brexit UKIP chums.

“But, when you are actually there staring at Michel Barnier over the table and he is massively well briefed and you don’t have many cards to play.”