Nigel Lawson: Theresa May has been ‘consumed by political ambition’ amid claims her leadership is under threat

Nigel Lawson: Theresa May has been ‘consumed by political ambition’ amid claims her leadership is under threat

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Nigel Lawson has said that Boris Johnson is not “rare” in politics to be ambitious and that Theresa May has been the most “consumed by political ambition” amid claims Brexiteers are seeking to remove the Prime Minister over her Chequers plan.

Lord Lawson told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “People always say in the context of Boris Johnson that he is highly ambitious. 

“He is but that is not altogether rare in politics and the politician who has been most been consumed by political ambition is Theresa May. 

“She made no secret of it of her desire to become Prime Minister all throughout her political career.”


‘Serious leadership with a serious plan’

On Tuesday, MPs return to Westminster after a summer recess as Mrs May’s Chequers plan has been rejected by EU negotiator Michel Barnier.

This comes as Mr Johnson used his regular Daily Telegraph column to attack the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan calling it a “fix” that could only lead to victory for the EU.

As a response to Mr Johnson’s comments, Mrs May’s official spokesman said the country needed “serious leadership with a serious plan” which was being provided by the Prime Minister.

Lord Lawson added: “She succeeded in rather peculiar circumstances of becoming Prime Minister and she is determined to hold onto the job.

“Whether she can or not is not a matter for me, it is a matter for the Conservative Party in the House of Commons.”


‘Marxist despised by his MPs became Prime Minister’

Former party leader Lord Hague used his own Daily Telegraph column to warn Tories their civil war could lead to a General Election or even Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister.

He said: "Some say May's plan is too much of a compromise, a small number that it isn't enough of one, and still others now advocate a different compromise altogether.”

"The likely result is so obvious it hardly needs stating, which is that the entire idea is put at risk, and all of them will lose out in the end.

"It is thus quite possible that a year from now, we could be contemplating why we are still in the EU after all, or why we left it with maximum damage all round with minimum notice, or how we came to have an even weaker minority government, or how a Marxist despised by his own MPs ended up as Prime Minister."