Nine-year-old girl dies of allergic reaction after just one bite of pancake

Nine-year-old girl dies of allergic reaction after just one bite of pancake

The child had been eating pancakes (Stock image)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A nine-year-old girl has died after having a severe allergic reaction to just one bite of a pancake.

Nainika Tikoo's parents have now spoken out about what happened, five months after they had to turn off her life support machine, according to The Mirror.

Just five days before the machine was switched off Tikoo had started dairy-free eating pancakes made for her by her father, but suffered a severe anaphylactic reaction.

Her father called an ambulance and her mother came home to find paramedics trying to revive Nainika.

Nainika was rushed to hospital where doctors were able to ensure her heart was beating again, however as she had lost so much oxygen she had still suffered lot of damage.

Two days later the hospital told the parents their daughter was brain dead and, eventually, the decision was taken to withdraw her life support.

It was known that the child was allergic to dairy and eggs as well as being sensitive to soya and their home had been kept free of those foods. However the parents believe that, somehow, the pancakes had become contaminated.

Her mother is now calling for better awareness of allergies, as although Nainika's allergies were known since she was a baby, she claims they were never labelled "high risk."

She said: "For that reason, we had never seen an allergist. We don’t blame anyone for Nainika’s death, but we do wish that there had been more awareness about allergies and we’re determined to speak out in her name to stop any other families from going through this devastating pain."

The woman also said they had not been given formal training on the use of their daughter's EpiPen, although luckily her father had used it correctly when the incident happened.

The parents have now set up a foundation in an attempt to raise money and awareness of allergy research and a JustGiving page has so far raised at least £14,000.