Nine-year-old writes to Southern Rail telling them he's fed up of his parents 'coming home late every night'

Nine-year-old boy writes letter to Southern Rail, telling them he's fed up of his parents 'coming home late every night'

Travel chaos for Southern Rail has continued for months

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A nine-year-old boy has written to Southern Rail to let them know that he is fed up of his parents "coming home late every night because of the rail strikes."

Strikes by the Aslef Union are continuing today [Tuesday], tomorrow and on Friday, in a continuing row over driver-only trains.

Frankie Cottrell from Hove, Brighton, emailed Southern Rail as well as his local MP, saying that he and his 7-year-old brother sometimes don't see their parents at all in the evening. 

The boy said his parents pay "a lot of money for their season tickets/Oyster cards and are not getting value for their money.

"Surely there must be a way to solve these problems. At school we are taught to negotiate with each other to sort out our differences and clearly you have not learnt to do this."

His father said that on a good day, he and his wife come home by 7pm. However, on a strike day, the often do not arrive home until after 9pm, when their children have already gone to bed.

Frankie has not yet had a response from Southern Rail, but did receive an automated response which advised him of ongoing strikes.