No-confidence vote: Jeremy Corbyn rules out Labour support for no-deal Brexit

No-confidence vote: Jeremy Corbyn rules out Labour support for no-deal Brexit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking in the House of Commons as he launches a motion of no confidence in the Government.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that the party will not support no-deal Brexit, after MP David Lammy asked him to rule out the option during the leader’s motion of no confidence.

Speaking during Wednesday’s no-confidence vote, Mr Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham said: “I am very grateful to my right honourable friend. He is right to put on record the curt concerns about uncertainty in the country.

“He is absolutely right to talk about poverty. Can he confirm that it is the position of the British Labour Party to rule out a no-deal Brexit?

“And, can he understand why the party that claims to be the traditional party of business won’t do the same?”

Responding, Mr Corbyn said: “I can absolutely confirm that. We have voted against a no-deal Brexit but apparently the Business Secretary thinks that is a good idea.

“The Prime Minister was unable to answer my question on this during Prime Minister’s Questions.

“No-deal Brexit would be very dangerous and very damaging for jobs and industry all across this country.”


'A mind reader'

During Prime Minister's Questions earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Theresa May accused the Labour leader of failing to set out his Brexit policy.

She said: "He talks about being in denial. The only person in denial in this chamber is him. 

"He has consistently failed to set out what his policy on Brexit is."

She then added a reference to previous PMQs when Mr Corbyn allegedly mouthed "stupid woman" at her in the Commons, an allegation he denied. 

"I said to him last week that he might do well with a lip reader but I think when it comes to his Brexit policy, the rest of us need a mind reader," she said. 


'Most hopeless leader' 

Watch: Conservative MP Anna Soubry described Jeremy Corbyn as 'hopeless'. 

Conservative MP Anna Soubry also accused Mr Corbyn of being the “most hopeless leader of the opposition”.

The MP for Broxtowe said: “The leader of the opposition is making some powerful arguments, not very well but he has some powerful arguments.

“I wonder if he could help us though with this? I saw an opinion poll at the weekend, if there was any merit in his argument, could he explain to the house why it is this party is six points ahead in the polls?

“Could it be because he is the most hopeless leader of the opposition that we have ever had?”

Mr Corbyn thanked the MP for her comments, adding: “I look forward to testing opinion in a General Election when we will be able to elect a Labour government in this country.”