No-deal Brexit will 'knock confidence' but it won't be 'armageddon', says Nick De Bois


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Nick De Bois has claimed a no-deal Brexit will not be "armageddon", but warned it could "knock confidence" in the UK.

The former political aide and MP said that investors would "no doubt" want the country to secure a deal with the European Union.

"All the people that are still thinking and looking at investing in the UK will want, no doubt, a deal agreed with the EU, and no doubt they would like that sooner rather than later," Mr De Bois said.

"Most forecasters believe a deal will be in place. How correct they are to have faith in that, time will tell."



He added: "If we do leave without a deal in place at the time that will knock confidence I'm sure, but will it be armageddon? No."

Mr De Bois appeared on the Mike Graham show to discuss the news that the number of people employed in the UK has reached its highest level since records began, with 32.5 million currently in work in the country.

"We were told of the huge unemployment shift within two years of the decision being taken, instead we are now at record employment figures," Mr De Bois said.

"The real growth that we've seen is in full-time employment and permanent employment. And that's something we should celebrate."