'Noel Gallagher would have known he was giving huge publicity to Jeremy Corbyn communist lie', says George Galloway

Our host claimed the singer knew exactly what he was doing with the insult to the Labour Leader

George Galloway has said Noel Gallagher would have known he was giving publicity to a lie when he called Jeremy Corbyn a "communist."

Our host made the claim when he spoke to Ken from Harrow about the singer's remarks in a promotional interview for his album last week.

Gallagher swore when asked about Corbyn and described the Labour leader as a communist.

In response, Galloway said: "He said he would not be voting Labour because he was an 'effing' communist, thus running into a narrative that was frenetic in the last election.

"It painted Corbyn as a communist and a friend of terrorism and all the other lies.

"They failed then, but they haven’t given up. Gallagher must have known when he made that statement he was giving a gale of publicity to that charge."

Watch the clip above.