North Korea ambassador tells George Galloway 'It's game over for Donald Trump'

Alejandro Cao de Benos says North Korea's missile launches are designed with peace in mind

North Korea has staged a number of missile test, including this one in late August

Monday, September 11, 2017

One of North Korea's top Western diplomats has told George Galloway that Donald Trump now has no option but to sit down and make peace - because North Korea has made his belligerent approach look ridiculous.

Alejandro Cao de Benos, a Spanish-born activist who serves as a 'special delegate' for North Korea in Europe, said it was "game over" for Trump and insisted Pyongyang will only launch its nuclear arsenal if it is attacked.

Speaking to George on his weekly show, Cao de Benos said: "Things are getting better. After the testing of both the intercontinental missile and the H-Bomb, the United States, officially Donald Trump, has recognised our capacity to answer in front of any possible invasion from the US empire.

"This is forcing him to go into negotiations, sitting on the table with us so as to find some common ground.

"We will see a lot of good progress for peace in the following days."

Although North Korea has staged a number of provocative weapons launches over recent months, Cao de Benos said these are designed purely with peace in mind.

"Many people don't know that nuclear weapons are weapons for strategy, for negotiations," he said. "They are not meant to be used - except for the United States, that they use them against civilians in the Second World War and they used them again in the Iraq invasion.

"We will see negotiations from now on, and we will see that Donald Trump cannot fulfil a promise of invasion of the Korean peninsula."

Now that North Korea has proved its strength, Cao de Benos said "it's game over for Donald Trump. Right now he has no other chance but to go into negotiation. There's no possibility of confrontation because this will mean thermo-nuclear war and this will mean the end of mankind as we know it."

The diplomat also threw in a personal insult towards Trump, suggesting he's merely a bellicose puppet for his advisors.

"Some people around him - the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense - have a little bit more brains than him and they are the ones that are correcting his speeches, his threats.

"The policy of the United States cannot be in the way that he's trying to portray. It's basically a kind of show, a theatre he's doing to get popularity and votes.

"Nothing else than a verbal escalation will happen. North Korea will only use nuclear weapons than in the case of invasion. And that invasion can only come to Donald Trump."

Trump has previously said he'd welcome the chance to sit down for a burger with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and Cao de Benos said "it's time to fulfil his promises. He said he will invite Kim Jong-un for a burger... he'd better go back to that."