North Korea blows up US Capitol in Designated Survivor-style propaganda video

North Korea's latest propaganda video might be seen as slightly derivative

North Korea's latest propaganda video might be seen as slightly derivative

Friday, April 28, 2017

A new propaganda video from North Korea shows its forces blowing up the US Capitol building, as well as an aircraft carrier.

The furtive state has steadily ramped up its hawkish propaganda effort in recent weeks, with a huge military parade through Pyongyang to mark the regime's Day of the Sun celebration, as well as a missile test which reportedly failed.

Now the government's PR department has released a two-and-a-half minute clip, which critics might suggest is a rip-off of the popular drama series Designated Surivor.

Just two and a half minutes long, the video includes a montage showing the rogue state carrying out military parades and missile tests, in preparation for the strike on its American foe.

Various US military craft and installations are seen through the lens of a sniper's rifle, suggesting that North Korea is already monitoring potential targets.

Then the viewer is treated to the sight of hundreds of missiles being launched, as well as a huge rocket, all accompanied by rousing military music.

An aircraft carrier is seen in flames following a direct missile strike, as is the Capitol. The latter scene echoes the opening chapter of Netflix sensation Designated Survivor, which sees an unlikely US cabinet member become president after all his colleagues are wiped out in an explosion at the US congressional building.

You can watch the video here.