North Korea claims CIA plotted to assassinate Kim Jong-un

North Korea claims CIA and South Korean intelligence tried to assassinate Kim Jong-un

The country says a 'bio-chemical substance' was the weapon of choice

Friday, May 5, 2017

North Korea is claiming the CIA plotted with South Korean intelligence to kill its leader Kim Jong-un. 

The state says a "bio-chemical substance" was the main weapon involved in an assassination attempt orchestrated by American and South Korean intelligence. 

The reclusive country has claimed via state media that the CIA bribed one of its citizens to carry out the attack, and warned that it will launch a "counter-terrorist attack" against the US and South Korea.

It is unclear in the North Korean account why the alleged attempt failed.

North Korea vowed to destroy any so-called agents of the CIA in the country. 

Neither the CIA nor South Korea have issued a response to claims. 

Tension between North Korea and the US has been rising since the country conducted its sixth nuclear test, despite increasing sanctions from the United Nations.