North Korea creates its own tablet called the iPad

North Korea creates its own tablet called the iPad

North Korea has created a tablet (Stock image)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A North Korean company has launched a new tablet. It's name? Why, the iPad of course.

Of course this product, created by a partially state-owned company called Ryonghung, is very different from the iPad sold elsewhere - and its Android operating system is far more limited than equivalents in other countries.

Users have a choice of 40 pre-installed apps; apparently these include a calculator, a health encyclopedia and an agricultural programme, which sound fun. The spec boasts of network connection capabilities, although you may have to log in to the North Korean intranet.

But you're interested in buying one of these gadgets, you'll be interested to know it has 1GB of Ram, 8GB of a storage and a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. The iPad also has a HDMI port and a case with a keyboard.

Copyright lawyers will no doubt be interested in such a flagrant abuse of Apple trademarks, but it's hard to imagine the Pyongyang regime will be too bothered. In fact, North Korea has ripped off Western names and ideas several times before.

The country has made an operating system inspired by macOS as well as a version of Netflix, which generally shows programmes about Kim Jong-un.

Apple has been asked to comment on whether it plans to pursue a case for trademark infringement, but no response has been forthcoming at the time of writing.