North Korea 'fires three ballistic missiles into the sea'

North Korea 'fire three ballistic missiles into the sea from the east coast'

South Korean officials claim North Korea have fired missiles into the sea

Monday, September 5, 2016

South Korean officials have claimed North Korea has fired three ballistic missiles into waters off its east coast.

According to South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff the missiles were fired from the Hwangju region, but there is no information on how far they went or what type of missiles they were.

Two weeks ago a KN-11 rocket as fired from a submarine on North Korea's east coast, landing in the sea of Japan. This happened as the US and South Korea started annual military drills

A number of missile tests have been reported in North Korea recently, however they are barred from testing nuclear or ballistic missile technology.

Some believe the launch today was made to distract attention from Barack Obama and other world leaders, who are meeting at the G20 summit in China. 

A few hours before the firing, Chinese president Xi Jinping said he was opposed to the US deploying an anti-missile system in South Korea.