North Korea: 'Firing missile over Japan is actually an attempt to defuse tensions'

North Korea: 'Firing missile over Japan is actually an attempt to solve tensions'

North Korea sent a missile over Japan (Stock image)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The missile fired by North Korea over Japan is actually an attempt by the country to defuse tensions, according to an international relations lecturer.

North Korea has said the missile it launched over Japan was the first step of military operations in the Pacific. Donald Trump responded to this by saying "all options are on the table", reiterating that he would not rule out using military action against the rogue Communist state.

Chris Ogden, the senior lecturer at the school of international relations at St Andrews, told Sam Delaney that North Korea are "trying to force some kind of solution, hopefully diplomatic."

He thinks that, if there was a war, it “would lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths very quickly.” But such an outcome is actually possible, as if people start asking Trump “why don’t you actually do something?” this could mean “his ego gets pricked and he’ll be the one that lashes out.”

Ogden added that North Korea's missile is just a response to the "belligerence" of Donald Trump, and senior figures in Pyongyang “think they’re on the verge of being invaded by the Americans. They want to try and push back against that. They also want to be recognised internationally as a legitimate political entity and be allowed to keep their nuclear weapons.”

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