North Korea internet leak: 'The freedom of Facebook and Twitter is another world'

North Korean internet 'primarily composed of propaganda sites'

A tribute to Kim Jong-un

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Futurist and technologist Tom Cheesewright has told talkRADIO the North Korea internet leak shows the full extent of state control in the country.

Cheesewright said the vast majority of the sites leaked yesterday (Thursday) were "propaganda", and the freedom of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is a completely alien concept in the hermit kingdom. 

North Korea gave the outside world a glimpse into the way the state is run after its private internet was accidentally made available to the world. Information posted by GitHub revealed the country has only got 28 websites, including an insurance company, sports website and site containing cooking recipes.

Cheesewright told Jonny and Ash "the sites were primarily composed of propaganda sites. You might struggle to find a website which is not state-run."

The leak also revealed a site called Friend, which appears to be a form of social network where news, e-books and information about cultural exchange programmes can be found. 

Yet Cheesewright believes Friend is very different from the sort of social network we take for granted. "There is no Mark Zuckerberg of North Korea, nor can you imagine someone trolling on Twitter" he said.

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