North Korea: 'Kim Jong-un wants to be attacked to deflect problems away from himself' claims former MoD director

he wants to be attacked to deflect all of the problems away from himself and get the people behind him

Chris Parry spoke to Julia about the ongoing crisis with North Korea and its weapons program

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A former director-general at the Ministry of Defence has claimed Kim Jong-un wants to be attacked by America and its allies.

Tension has been growing as the country continues development of nuclear weapons, continually violating sanctions placed upon it by the United Nations.

The US has threatened massive military action if the regime in Pyongyang continues to threaten the country or its allies.

Chris Parry, a rear admiral who served in the Falklands war, said the leader of North Korea was looking to be attacked to get his people on side. 

 He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I think what you’re seeing is the leader externalising his problems, he wants to be attacked to deflect all of the problems away from himself.

"I think there’s considerable internal unrest associated with the cost of the missiles and nuclear programs, and also because of a bad harvest and impending drought.

"If we tighten sanctions, it'll increase the problems on the regime and on the people of North Korea and it’ll make him do these outrageous things even more, I suspect.

"He’s got to externalise these problems and has to get his people behind him."

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