'North Korea is testing Donald Trump's resolve with missile test - he mustn't bite'

Missile test: 'North Korea were sending a signal to Donald Trump, but military action must be avoided'

North Korea performed a missile test on Sunday (Stock image)

Monday, February 13, 2017

North Korea was sending a signal to Donald Trump with its missile test, but he must ensure military action against North Korea is avoided at all costs.

That's according to a Chatham House research fellow, as on Sunday (February 12) North Korea performed a ballistic missile test, which has been widely condemned.

John Nilsson-Wright, senior researcher for northeast Asia, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that while the missile fired during Sunday's test does not have the capacity to strike America, it is common practice for North Korea to demonstrate it is "still around" during an American Presidential transition. 

Nilsson-Wright said this was an attempt to "send a signal to Donald Trump and to test his resolve," and a way of North Korea guaranteeing its survival. 

The researcher also believes "there needs to be a calculated approach" to dealing with North Korea, but "the military option has to be avoided."

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