'North Korean ghost ship' washes up in Japan with skeletons on board

'North Korean ghost ship' washes up in Japan with skeletons on board

A boat thought to be from North Korea has been washed up (Stock image)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A boat thought to be a North Korean ‘ghost ship’  has washed up on a beach in Japan with eight lots of human remains on board.

Empty boats or boats with bodies inside often arrive in Japan and are usually assumed to be fishing boats from North Korea. However they normally arrive on the west coast, and this one has arrived on the northern coast. It was first spotted on Sunday (November 26), according to the BBC.

Local media reports it is roughly 23 feet long and is missing navigation devices, as well as a rotor blade. It is thought to have come from North Korea.

Two bodies, also thought to be North Korean, were discovered on Sado island at the weekend. Reuters said the bodies were found alongside objects displaying Korean writing and North Korean cigarettes.

Reports claim there are so many "North Korean ghost ships" because it tries to combat its hunger problem by bringing in large amounts of seafood.

Often the boats are out-of-date and have no way of sending a signal back to land if those on board get into difficulty.

Last week eight North Korean men arrived in Japan saying they had got into difficulty on their fishing boat. They claimed they had been out looking for squid.