North Korea's Facebook opened up to the West in huge data leak

A snapshot of what looks like North Korea's social network

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An IT error in North Korea has allowed web hosting service GitHub to access the country's entire internet, including what looks like a social network.

Amazingly, the infiltration revealed that North Korea, notorious for its secrecy, has just 28 websites.

One the 28 websites, whose URL is, appears to be a social network.

Another of the leaked URLs goes to a cooking site, while another seems to be a site for elderly people.

GitHub explained that "one of North Korea's top level nameservers was accidentally configured to allow global DNS zone transfers." The company adds that this allows anyone who performs such a transfer to access the country's top-level DNS data.

GitHub adds that "This data gives us a better picture of North Korea's domains and top level DNS."

We don't want to speculate, but it's probably fair to assume some IT guy in North Korea is in big trouble right now.