North Korea's Western voice slams 'false' death camp reports and warns 'we can destroy the world with three bombs'

Cao de Benos says North Korea is a socialist utopia

Alejandro Cao de Benos was born in Spain but has served North Korea for 25 years (Wikipedia)

Friday, April 21, 2017

The man who has become North Korea's unofficial ambassador to the West has said the country is a complete utopia - but warned Pyongyang is capable of destroying the entire world with three bombs.

Alejandro Cao de Benos, originally from Spain, has become the first Westerner to gain North Korean nationality thanks to his 25 years of service to the pariah state. Cao de Benos began campaigning for North Korea at the age of 16 and now works for the country's Communist regime as a "special delegate."

He told Spanish news site Infobae that North Korea "is a socialist system where the people have control of the means of produccion. The people really are masters of their own destiny. Rents and mortages don't exist, the Government gives people houses and sanitation, and university, are free and public.

"The people have a basic, secure life with dignity. They live in a very peaceful way, there is no social conflict, we don't have people sleeping in the street... it's another way of life, one in which we all work in a huge cooperative movement."

Cao de Benos - who divides his time between his native Tarragona and Pyongyang - claimed talk of human rights abuse in North Korea is simply "propaganda" from England, America and other countries, and says the oft-reported purges and concentration camps "don't exist."

"Yes there are labour camps for common criminals," he continued. "But we have hardly any criminality. 

"Of course there are some cases of common criminality, people who rob or even someone who has killed their neighbour after an argument. That person goes to trial, where they have a defence lawyer.

"If they are found guilty they don't go to prison to take drugs or learn how to be Pablo Escobar, as happens in Spanish or Argentinian prisons. In Korea there are labour camps where the criminal picks rice for the people or makes furniture for homes, which is delivered to the people."

However he was far more bullish when talking about the threat of military action from the West.

"No-one is going to touch Korea," he said. "If it is touched the people will defend it with guns and missiles.

"We have the thermonuclear bomb. With three of those the world is finished."