Not vaccinating children should be 'criminal offence', says MP

Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Labour MP has claimed the government should make it a criminal offence not to vaccinate children.

Paul Sweeney, MP for Glasgow North East, told the House of Commons during a debate to mark World Immunisation Week that there was a "national emergency" developing because of ‘"vaccine hesitancy".

Mr Sweeney said: “It's probably worth exploring making it a criminal offence for people not to immunise their children; perhaps that is the next step we need to explore taking, given the critical nature of it."

The session in the House of Commons was led by new international development secretary Rory Stewart, who claimed the rising 'anti-vaxxer' movement was "grossly irresponsible".

He said: "It is profoundly disturbing, distinctly misleading and even ignorant to go around doing this.”

"What it ends up doing is stoking public paranoia and fear and leading to the unnecessary loss of lives."

Words by Wesley Hudson

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