Notorious cult leader and serial killer Charles Manson dies at the age of 83

Notorious cult leader and serial killer Charles Manson dies at the age of 83

The man had served last four decades in prison for a series of ritualistic killings in California

Monday, November 20, 2017

Feared serial killer Charles Manson – dubbed the father of the world’s worst family – has died at the age of 83.

His deranged disciples, known as the Manson Family, became notorious after a string of ritualistic killings in the late 1960s in California.

Manson has spent the last four decades in prison, which has barely covered his nine life-sentences.

He was born in 1934 to a teenage, drug-addicted mother, who shunned him.

He spent much of his early life in prison, and eventually moved to San Francisco in 1955.

Eventually, after falling into a haze of hallucinogenic drugs and a belief in the impending apocalyse, he eventually recruited malleable and deluded middle-class disciples at the height of the counter-culture revolution of the 1960s.

They became known as the Manson family and began living on isolated ranches, taking drugs and becoming a cult.

The group's most high-profile victim was actress Sharon Tate, former wife of director Roman Polanski - who was brutally murdered alongside four other people when she was nine months pregnant at his home in Los Angeles.

Other celebrities, like Steve McQueen, Elizabeth Taylor, and Frank Sinatra, were also reported to be targeted by the group.

Manson was initially sentenced to death for the murders of Tate and six others carried out by his gang. However this was redcued to life when California's death penalty was overturned during the 1970s.

Despite his decades of incarceration, Manson remained a universally reviled figure up until his death, the swastika tattooed on his forehead a chilling reminder of his evil creed.